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Bal Niketan
Contributing to Bal Niketan
Bal Niketan continues to receive maintenance grant from Haryana State Government @ Rs. 2000 per child per month less 10 percent share of the Organization. Our monthly expenditure on the up keep of children including board, education, medicines and staff comes to a much higher figure. The shortfall is met through donations in cash and kind from public spirited individuals and institutions, clubs and trusts. You, too, can contribute in many ways to support Bal Niketan. You may help by
Making a donation in cash & via cheques
Donations to Bal Niketan are exempted under Section 80-G (5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 Granted for perpetuity vide Finance Bill No:-2 of 2009. Donations in cash have to be given personally at the Bal Niketan Office which is open all days of the week. Donations in cheques/drafts may be made in favour of "Bal Niketan, Sector-2, Panchkula - 134 112 (Haryana)" and may also be given personally at the Bal Niketan Office on all days of the week.

Receipts are given for all donations in cash/cheques/drafts.
Making a donation in kind
Donations in kind, be it school books, -bags, -uniforms, stationary, food items, rations, clothing, medicines and other items of utility are most welcome and can be made to our office, Bal Niketan, Sector-2, Panchkula. These donations are then recorded in a register placed in the office.
Having a meal with our children ("Book-a-Meal")
Donations for childrens' meals can also be made. You are most welcome to join our children when they are having their breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can choose from different priced menus and specific days. Bookings for these meals can be made months in advance if you are planning on contributing for a special occasion like birthdays, national holidays, religious events etc.
Click here to view the menu and book a meal.
Sponsoring a child ("Child Support Scheme")
Today's children will be society's adults tomorrow. Education and all-round development of a child is very important to make the child a responsible citizen of society. Education plays a very important role. You can sponsor a promising child by catering to his educational needs by patronizing his/her education at school level as well as degree education. Please fill out the following form and click the "Submit"-button. Once we have received your message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Click here to sign up for our Child Support Scheme.
Employing our children
The prime purpose of Bal Niketan is to rehabilitate the life of children in a way such that they can become self-sustaining adults. Employing our children will provide them with an opportunity to start a life of their own. To employee our child/children, we request you to fill out the form below. We will get in touch with you at the earliest.
Click here to tell us about the employment possibilities you offer.
Volunteering and donating time
We encourage motivated individuals to spend some time at Bal Niketan with our children, to coach them in academics, hobbies and fine arts etc. or give talks about career options and academic issues.
Click here to volunteer.
Telling a friend
Just by spreading the word about Bal Niketan to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc. about what we do, how we help and how they can support us can greatly support our cause.