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Bal Niketan
Visitors' Comments
The names and remarks of some of the prominent personalities who have visited Bal Niketan during the past years are given below. We are grateful for their kind visit:
Mr. Pankaj Setia, HCS ,SDM
Visit to home was satisfactory. Well behaved inmates. Rooms/ Toilets/Kitchen are neat and clean
Dr. Yogendra Malik ,Advisor, Chief Minister
Got to see the "Home"and had a feeling that its really a home for children. May God give us strength to serve them eternally.
Ms. Nidhi Bansal ,CJM/Secretary, DLSA, Panchkula
Inspection conducted today. Best maintained home. God Bless. Keep it up.
Dr. Sarita Malik ,HCS ,HCS , Additional Director, WCD
Inspection was conducted with WCD team, CWC Chairperson. Very neat and child friendly environment. Two children have won poster competition as well. I wish Bal Niketan very best of luck. Keep it up.
Mr. Vivek Joshi ,IAS, Commissioner- Ambala division & Principal Sec
Excellent children home. Highly dedicated staff members.Best wishes for the Management and team of Staff, children
Mr. Pankaj Kumar ,SDM
It is nice to be here.The inmates are being treated in good manner.The children are very courteous. We wish him success in life.
Gauri Parashar Joshi ,Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula
It is a pleasure to see clean, well maintained environment where the children look happy and have opportunity to learn. Keep it up and all the best for happy hard working educated young people.
Ms. Ritu Garg ,Addl. District & Session Judge, Joint Secretary
A very well kept and maintained Institute. Children also here appear to be happy and satisfied.
Ms. Nidhi Bansal ,CJM cum Secretary, DLSA, Panchkula
Well maintained campus. Keep it up...
Mr. D. Sangwan ,Planning Officer, Panchkula
Bal Niketan is maintained very well and all records found in order. Keep it up!!
Mr. Avtar Singh with team ,Head - HR, Indus Towers Limited
Excellent upbringing and family atmosphere for the children. Really enjoyed with the young ones. Keep up the good work!
Mr. Vikram Aggarwal ,District and Sessions Judge, Member Secretary, HSL
I am really impressed with the arrangements for the children, the mannerism of the children and the Staff. I think this peace is a boon for the children in need of Care and Protection. God Bless!
Mr. Chetan Dixit ,V.P.- Technology
Excellent training and focus on all children. The Commitment and efforts by team of Bal Niketan is highyl appreciable. Keep it up. God Bless.
Ms. Ambika Khatua ,Chief Comissioner- Income Tax, Haryana
What an excellent enterprise, except that its a Home!!
Mr. Sunil Grover ,Artist/Actor
Feel like being a student all over again. Such well mannered and disciplined children. So happy to see them. God Bless the children and the Staff here.
Mr. Chetan Dixit ,Head - Technology
Excellent commitment for kids. Well organised training program with extra-ordinary personal care for all the kids. Great Job. Keep it up
Dr. Varinder S. Kanwar ,Registrar - Chitkara university
Wonderful experience.You people are doing excellent job. Keep it up. God Bless all of us.
Sh. Partap Chaudhary ,Member - A.I.C.C.
I felt very happy to see the coordination and love between the children and Staff members.
Reshma H. Singh ,New Delhi
This has been an inspiring experience.The josh and the participation of the children on this occasion was outstanding. I congratulate the admin on such beautiful endeavour...
Rajesh V. ,CEO
Highly inspired to meet the Staff and the children at Bal Niketan. It is heartening to see the high aspirations of the children. Please keep up the good work. All the Best!!
Victor Sagar ,Canada
It was fantastic to see the humanity given to the children. My heart was melted.
Arpita Bhattacharya, Boston , USA ,USA
It was lovely to celebrate Lohri at Bal Niketan with all the children. I wish all the children all the best in their future.
Rabia Dhody and Arun Singh ,Director - HR
Children are really cute and they are talented . At the same time, they are well mannered and disciplined. We enjoyed here and will come soon...
Usha Tandon ,USA
Its a great meeting with all the children.They are very nice, well behaved and very disciplined kids.
Ruchi Choudhary ,Head
Nice to meet the kids & Superintendent. We are happy to see the future and wish you all the Best!!
C.G. Dixit ,Head
Excellent team work & commitment for upbringing chidlren with utmost care & career oriented approach. Keep it up.
Rajesh V ,Indus towers
Blessed to be associated with your organisation. Keep up your good work.
Pawan Kumar Kedia ,DGM - SBI
I am very hapy to be associated with the children on the foundation day of SBI. This NGO is taking good care of the children for their development. I wish them all the success in their efforts.
Ranjana Suri ,Head
I met my school friend Madhu after 47 years. She told me about Bal Niketan. I requested her that I could like to visit & meet up with the children. I am so touched to see the kids & what a wonderful way to give so much back to the society which has given us so much.God Bless you all. Please let me know if I can do anything to make a difference. Love you all Children.
Vir Narula ,Head
For over 20 years, I have been visiting Bal Niketan. It is fulfilling to see children growing and successfully moving ahead in life. It is a great job being performed by the Management & Staff of Bal Niketan.
Rajesh Garg ,Ex Major Addl. D & S Judge
Visited Bal Niketan..found to be a good place, maintained by the Staff in a well manner. The children are well mannered. The rooms are properly laid out. Proper care is being taken. We must salute & recognise the efforts of the Staff & the person who visualise the concept. I pray to God to shower his blessing. Keep it up.
Sunil Chauhan ,Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Whole time Secretary
Good to see the well managed Home
Poonam and Ashwani Batra ,Head
Thank you for taking time to show and update us about Bal Niketan. We are very pleased to see the well organised and managed operation for the welfare of needed children. God Bless you all and keep up the good work.
Denise Defrano ,Head
Thank you for sharing your home with me and for the flowers & beauty show. You all are very lucky to live here.If you ever come to United States, please give me a call. You can stay with me and will share my home with you too.. I love each & every one of you.
Dev Raj ,CGM
I have visited Bal Niketan first time in my life. Though heard about and read about this NGO.But this Bal Niketan, I have find a different spirit. have find one of the excellent administration . The amount of pain the administrator is taking to bring up the children in commodable and I realyy congrats the persons connected with this Bal Niketan. I hope the same shall be monitoring in future also. We will try to extend all hepl to this NGO and will go out of the way to help the organisation. May God Bless everyone.
Sunil Chauhan ,Chief Judicial Magistrate ,DLSA
Earlier also I visited Bal Niketan on 26/09/13. Children are getting good education and care. Children are the future. Bal Niketan is doing good work.
Ravi Kumar Sondhi ,Distt. & Sessions Judge
Visited Bal Niketan along with Sh. Sushil Chauhan CJM/Sec DLSA, Pkl. This is my first visit.The institution is one of the best maintained & managed institution being looked after by a NGO. Good Show. Let it be continued. May God Bless you All.
Sunil Chauhan ,Chief Judicial Magistrate ,DLSA
Children are the future of our country. They are the real hope. This home is doing the most valuable service to the country by raising children in the most beautiful & effective manner.
Savitri Dhaka ,Chairperson - SCPCR
Doing a good job, need to improve the status of the small children with the CWC & follow up with the SCPCR.
Renu Sharma ,Assistant - SCPCR
Institute has been maintained very good.
Akram Waleed Wahdan ,Head
I loved the place very much. It was amazing. The Children were polite, funny & interactive. I wish we had more time. We love Bal Niketan!!
Rajesh Bansal ,Nephew of Mr. Pawan Bansal
Interacting with these special children of God. We felt blessed and gave a good encouragement to our children to work for such causes. May God shower all his blessings on the children here and also to all those who are devotedly serving such children.
Jaibir Singh ,Chief Judicial Magistrate ,DLSA
Visited Bal Niketan alongwith District & Sessions Judge & found the arrangements satisfactory.
Birender Singh ,Brother of Sh. Ram Krishan Gujjar
Good work..Keep it up. God Bless you all.
Lt. Col Immakulate ,Tutor
"Educational visit as part of Community Health Nursing"...A wonderful place for the homeless. Well maintained and instituted. Hats off to the founder Director Late Mr. J.D. Sharma for his forsighted vision. He lives in all the activities that is taking place in this area. I am much touched by the way the care is rendered. God Bless all those who share & care these children.
Paramjit Singh ,Team Airtel
It is a pleasure coming here and spending time with the kids. Appreciate the efforts being done by the management of Bal Niketan towards this noble cause inspite of limited resources.
DPS Naggal ,IAS, Chief Administrator, HUDA
A decently and diligently well kept campus for growing children which certainly deserves more social attention and involvement.
DPS Nagal ,IAS, Chief Administrator - HUDA
A decently & diligently well kept campus for growing children which certainly deserves more social attention and involvement.
Sarita Rana ,Homemaker
It is always pleasure to come to this place & see all the children blooming into confident & happy young citizen. Mam is doing great jon. I feel this is the best thing one can do to serve the society.
Susan Newman ,Head
The children look very happy & are so full of energy. I love seeing the spark in their eyes. I am happy the way kids are taken care of that they have wonderful staff who take care of them.
Vikram Bansal ,Head
To Visit here makes you feel how blessed we are and head bows to thank God. It is a wonderful work being done here by the NGO & its staff. Children are our foundation.Giving them education, home and food is the best thing we can do. I appreciate the God and noble work being done & shall feel honoured to get associated with the cause.
Dr. Sarabjit S. Jattan ,MD - Haryana Forest Dev. Corp.
The Children are well looked after and given a homely atmosphere for healthy development May God Bless them.
Jasbir Singh ,Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Whole time Secretary
Arrangements for children are nice. Neat and clean place. May God Bless all of them.
C.G. Dixit ,CEO , Indus Towers
It is our pleasure to get associate with Bal Niketan to see & commit for this great cause of supporting under priviledged children.The kind of discipline and value system observed in Bal Niketan is commendable. This will go long way in making these children strong to face the real world in future. Our best wishes to team - Bal Niketan for excellent work. Keep it up.
Anita Chaudhry ,Distt. & Session Judge
A nice place, clean, good environment children are being taken care of very well. Happy to see the arrangements.
Manvindra Singh ,Asstt. Comdt.
I visited this home. This home got wonderful environment for nurturing the future of those children who has got less from govt. I wish all the best to all the Staff of this Home.
Shashi Gulati, IAS ,F.C.P.S Printing & Stationary
I visited the place today to explore possibility of admitting ‘Meena’ an orphan child under my guidance presently. I must say I am going back reassured that the place is safe and will be the right kind of place for this child.
Shishir Kumar ,CEO-Bharti Airtel Ltd
It was wonderful to meet and interact with the happy children at the home. The energy, enthusiasm, optimism of dreams and the confidence of the children was infectious. I wish them all the very best in their lives. I could have to hear about their success and love to cheer them on.
Terial Lu , Ph.D, Tainan, Taiwan, Japan
It's a great pleasure to know this warm & kind organisation for taking good care of children. I believe this is very promising place to bring hope for homeless children. Children here are well educated and they will bring lots f success and hope for this country. I look forward to the advanced development of such a great place.
Sh.P.L.Ahuja ,Distt.& Sessions Judge, Pkl
I am deeply impressed by the facilities provided to the orphan children in Bal Niketan. Children are well-mannered. They seem quite comfortable and the atmosphere in the insitution is congenial to their mental development. I tasted the food in the kitchen. It was excellent.
S.P.Amrit , Dy. Director Finance (Pb.) (Retd.)
I am feeling it very difficult to find words to appreciae the working of the organisation. May God bless all the children, staff and supervisory staff.
Arvind Gupta ,RM, SBI, RBO Pkl
The children are well mannered, having pleasant personality and neat and clean. THey are doing well. The premises is well kept and well managed. I wish institution all the best in their efforts.
Sh.R.K.Singhal ,General Manager, Bharat Electronics Limited.
Nicely managed organisation providing very good service in social sector. Highly impressed to see the arrangement.
Mrs. of Rodrigues ,Punjab Raj Bhawaan
I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this institution & am very impressed with what all being done for the children. Good Wishes for your future endeavour.
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel ,Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court
Good Experience to see how the under privileged are looked after by the NGO
Sh S.K.Sharma ,President The Environment Society of India, Chandi
I was delighted to see this Institution which is run mainly on donations from general public. Its mission is wonderful and hope the organisers will continue its efforts to educate the poor children and help in finding employment.The building is well maintained and the students are well mannered. I congratulate the executive body on their day-to-day activities
Madhavi Kataria ,Director Social Welfare, Chd. Administration
Love’s labour. The place breathes like home, happy place, bright smiling children, painstaking care about the educational needs and all other requirements speak of the great accomplishments the management has been able to achieve. Cheers and salutations! Keep up the great work and God bless.
Ajay K. Singh ,Sr. Manager Prayas, Tughalakabad, New Delhi
Very impressive setup and homely atmosphere and an apt place for proper growth and development. Keep it up. Professionals and management are highly committed. It is replicable model and visit was a learning experience. Our best wishes for such a commendable job. It is really a home away from home.
Parul Sharma ,Senior Legal Advisor Human Rights Law Network (HRL
I am so touched. There is hope – love and harmony here. It feels like a temple - or like a wonderful saga. I’d really like to congratulate Madhu Ji and her family for this genuine success of humanity. Just great!!
Dr. Bhavender Paul ,Indian Schools Alumni & Friends (INSAF), c/o 3005
My real satisfaction and pleasure are in seeing that each child gets individual attention and care towards their life time goals. Our group INSAF is honoured to be a partner with Bal Niketan in helping a few children achieve their goals.
T.N. Chaturvedi ,Govenor of Karnataka
Exceedingly laudable social service venture which has imaginatively drawn the community to extend their support. It exemplifies the spirit of caring and sharing. This is an institution which helps the disadvantaged and the unfortunate at the stage when such sympathetic help is necessary. The selfless and socially sensitive management merits all support and our thankfulness. I wish the institution all the best.
S.P. Sharma ,Commissioner IAS and Secretary Women and Child Dev
It was wonderful to visit Bal Niketan and interact with happy, lively children. You are doing a tremendous job. Keep it up.
Rekha Shukla ,I.R.S., Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, Panchku
Anyone who has a home knows what it takes to make a beautiful, cosy home. And then to make such a home for so-so many who at one point thought they had none! One can simply salute the dedication, involvement, vision & hard work of these home-makers. One can also but wish & pray that there may be many more of them. Mrs. Madhu Sharma’s personal touch is pure magic. I am sure the children of Bal Niketan can never imagine a better home & a better mother-figure. May God bless them all with all that’s beautiful in the world. May their dreams along with those of Mrs. Sharma & her wonderful team come true – intact and vibrant. It will always be a pleasure to associate with this GREAT FAMILY.
G.S. Singhvi ,Punjab and Haryana High Court Justice
The institution is rendering great service to the society. I am impressed by the question asked by students. I wish the institute success and hope that the students will contribute their might in the future development of the country.
Prin. Ram Shinde ,Trustee, Janaseva Foundation, L.B. Road Pune, & so
Today we had an opportunity to pay a courtesy visit to 'Bal Niketan', a home for the destitute and children in distress. During the short visit we have experienced very good and constructive work that the Niketan is doing. The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow and all the efforts are made here to develop their personality an a best possible manner. We wish the Niketan every success.
Yoginder Diwan ,(District Governor, Rotary, R.I. District 3080 Par
I am really touched by the way the management is looking after and building this wonderful institution out of love of service to humanity. May God bless them.
John Campkin ,District 1200 Rotary International Group, Study Ex
You are doing a very good work here helping the orphaned and destitute children to find not only a vocation but dignity which is important for a happy, fulfilled life. The buildings are alle clean and well maintained. Excellent work!
Capt Ajay Singh Yadav ,Minister for State for Printing and Stationary, Ha
I am really pleased to see the social service which this institution is doing for the children who are destitute. The workship and training given to the children is very good. I give my good wishes to Mr J.D. Sharma and his management that they succeed in doing this social work which is a noble cause in today’s society.
Gerry Pinto ,Programme Officer UNICEF, New Delhi
I am very impressed again, as I was during my first visit to this institution. The commitment of the team clearly is reflected in an excellent service that is being carried out by the institution. What is most impressive is the openness of mind of the people behind this institution to take a more progressive, community-based and non-institutional service particularly for the prevention of destitution of children. I wish them all the best.
K.P. Selhj ,Dy Secretary, Ministry of Welfare, Land of India
It appears that the organisation is making special efforts to rehabilitate orphan & destitute children. I wish all the best for carrying out the activities in the same spirit.
Karl Bric Knutsson ,Regional Director South Central Asia,UNICEF
Children are given life by God. You are giving NEW life to God’s children. May you be blessed as well as your children. Once Jawarlat Nehm said 'We are very small people but the cause we work for is great. Indeed it is so great that some of the greatness is falling on us in spite of our smallness.' You are in his words truly great.