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Bal Niketan
Photo Gallery
Extracurricular Activities at Bal Niketan
At Bal Niketan we care about the thorough education of our children. Besides guiding them in working diligently for their academic career, we offer them manifold functions in which they can receive their cultural education. Check out these pictures to see them engaging in musical classes, singing performances, theatre stage shows, painting competitions, art & craft workshops and much more.
Educational Outings and Adventure Trips
Every once in a while, all the children are taken to a special trip, be it to nearby townships, amusement parks or for camping in the hills. This serves an educational function to let the children learn more about the world and of course also is great fun for them. These pictures give you an impression of these outings.
Celebrations and Festivities
For birthdays, national holidays and other merry occasions, we organise parties for the children. Take a look at how traditional festivities such as Deepawali Festival, Independence Day, Christmas and other joyous events are celebrated by the kids in Bal Niketan.
National Award Celebrations, 21/02/2002
For our work in the field of Child Welfare we have been awarded the National Award for Child Welfare for the year 2000. Following the award presentation in New Delhi in 2002, a big function was organised at the Bal Niketan premises to celebrate this distinction for which we are truly proud of. Board, staff and children alike enjoyed this joyous event very much.
Whenever one of our settled children has gotten married, we hold a reception for the wedding couple. Special functions are organised for these purposes in the manner of his/her traditions. Singing and dancing performances are staged by the children and a buffet is served during which our married grown-ups can once again celebrate in the Bal Niketan family.
Prominent Visitors
Many times we were so fortunate to have memorable guests from the political arena, the private sector or from other social institutions coming to us at Bal Niketan. After making a tour of Bal Niketan and showing them around in our campus, they get to interact with staff and children. We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to all past visitors of Bal Niketan.
Life at Bal Niketan
These are miscellaneous photos that show the children of Bal Niketan and their daily activities.
Vocational Training Center
Our Vocational Training Centre (VTC) has been providing training to students (boys and girls) belonging to weaker sections of the society in one trade or the other since its inception in 1998.
Family Day
The rehabilitated children of Bal Niketan who are now living on their own join on this occasion every year to relive the days gone by. The children interact with each other and have lots of fun on this memorable day.